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Russian Literary Awards

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The Andrei Bely Prize is the oldest independent literary prize awarded in Russia. It was established in 1978 by the staff of Hours, the largest samizdat literary journal in Leningrad, to recognize excellence in three categories: prose, poetry, and theory. It is named after Andrei Belyi (Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev, 1880 – 1934, Russian poet, novelist, literary critic and philosopher). Among its founders were Boris Ivanov, Boris Ostanin, Viktor Krivulin, Arkady Dragomoschenko, and other eminent figures of uncensored literature. The prize was named for Andrei Bely, whose influence spanned Russian poetry, prose, and humanitarianism.

Materially, the prize consisted of an apple, a single ruble, and a bottle of vodka. It is awarded in Saint Petersburg in December. Despite its playful character, the prize quickly became a major phenomenon of Russian literary life, and was awarded to a number of significant writers. After a lull in the early 1990s, it was revived in 1997 with the addition of a fourth category, “services to literature”, and continues to be awarded to this day. In 2009 the Literary projects and critics and the Translation categories were added.

Nominations order: poetry, proze, research in humanities, for meritorious service to Russian literature, literary projects and critics, translation


Andrei Belyi Award Anthology

The Prize: one ruble, a bottle of vodka and an apple

Andrei Belyi Ruble

The Prize

The Prize

Boris Ivanov (1928 - 2015)

One of the founders

Vikto Krivulin (1944 - 2001)

One of the founders

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (1946 - 2012)

One of the founders

Boris Ostanin (b. 1946)

One of the founders and active committee member

Gleb Morev (b. 1968)

active committee member

2010 Award Ceremony

Liudmila Zubova, Sergei Stratanovskii, Evgenii Kolchuzhkin, Boris Ostanin