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Russian Literary Awards

Resources related to major contemporary Russian literary awards.





The award was founded in 2005 by the Center for the Support of Russian Literature and is supported by various state, public and media organizations. The Big Book Prize is an annual literary award for the best book of any prose genre written in Russian. It is the largest literary award in Russia and the former Soviet countries and is the second largest literary award in the world in terms of prize money, just falling behind the Nobel Prize for Literature. The first prize winner receives 3 million rubles, second prize winner receives 1.5 million rubles, third prize – 1 million rubles. The winners are announced in November in Moscow. Readers select writers of their choice by casting their individual votes online. The three titles that receive the majority of readers’ votes are awarded commemorative statuettes.


Bol'shaia Kniga commemorative statuettes

2006. Finalists

2007. Dina Rubina

2008. Margarita Khemlin and Pavel Basinskii

2009. Finalists

2010. Finalists

2010. Pavel Basinskii and Aleksandr Ilichevskii

2011. Shortlisted Books

2011. Mikhail Shishkin and Dmitrii Bykov

2012. Finalists

Evgenii Popov, Aleksandr Kabakov, Daniil Granin, Marina Stepnova, Mariia Galina

2013. Shortlisted Books

2013 Finalists

2014. Shortlisted Books

Ksenia Buksha and Svetlana Aleksievich

2014 Award Ceremony

2014. First place. Zakhar Prilepin

2014. Second place. Vladimir Sorokin

2014. Third place. Vladimir Sharov

2015. Bolshaia Kniga is 10!

Finalists are blowing candles on the birthday cake

2015. Finalists

Iakhina, Matveeva, Varlamov, Senchin, Virabov

2015. Books

2015. Roman Senchin (2nd place) and Guzel Iakhina (two 1st place awards!)