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African Studies Research Guide

What is a serial?

A serial is generally taken to mean something that is published serially, at predictable intervals. The terms "periodical" and "serial" are often used interchangeably. Serials can be both print and electronic.

Examples of serials include:

  • Newspapers
  • Academic journals
  • Magazines

African Serials @ IUB

IUB Libraries subscribe to more than 20,000 journal titles in print format, electronic format, and both print and electronic formats depending on the individual title. More than 700 journals are specifically related to African Studies.

Please see the links to multi-subject and specialized databases below for electronically accessible African serials. 

Subscriptions are held for serials of research value for all disciplines for which materials are collected in-depth, including publications from Africa and those issued by scholarly organizations and trade publishers outside Africa. Because of Serials Department policies regarding irregularly and infrequently published serials, the Librarian for African Studies also must acquire serials from vendors and on exchange which are not on subscription in the Serials Department (e.g., African telephone books). The African Studies curriculum, research interests of faculty, collection responsibilities for CAMP (Cooperative Africana Microform Project), and cooperative programs for the Africana Librarians Council, ARL, and BTAA will be taken into consideration in placing other subscriptions.