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African Studies Research Guide

"Sample Serials"

"Sample serials" is a term of art historically used by African Studies collection managers to describe African periodicals to which IU does not subscribe but nonetheless holds issues for. Sample serials are arranged in boxes by country of publication behind the elevators on the sixth floor of the Research Collections. After several years, the sample serials are transferred to the Pamphlet Collection. They may be checked out from the African Studies Collection Office, Wells Library E660, during office hours.


A: Algeria | Angola
B: Benin | Botswana | Burkina Faso | Burundi
C: Cameroon | Cape Verde | Central African Republic | Chad | Congo (Democratic Republic) | Congo (Republic) | Cote d'Ivoire
D: Djibouti
E: Eritrea | Ethiopia
G: Gabon | Gambia | Ghana | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau
K: Kenya
L: Lesotho | Liberia 
M: Madagascar | Malawi | Mali | Mauritania | Mauritius | Morocco | Mozambique
N: Namibia | Niger | Nigeria
O: Other Places of Publication
R: Reunion | Rwanda
S: Sao Tome and Principe | Senegal | Sierra Leone | Somalia | South Africa | South Sudan | Sudan | Swaziland
T: Tanzania | Togo | Tunisia
U: Uganda | United Kingdom | United States
Z: Zambia | Zimbabwe