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African Studies Research Guide

Pamphlet Collection

The African Studies Pamphlet Collection is a research-level collection that includes brochures, flyers, pamphlets/booklets, reprints, conference papers, and other items written in a variety of languages, including African vernacular languages. The collection also includes sample serials that have been transferred from the Sample Serials Collection.

Collection materials include newspaper articles (e.g., a collection of newspaper articles on southern Sudan from 1966-1972); journal articles; conference and workshop papers (e.g., the edited and collected papers from the "Workshop on Southern Africa", a conference which took place at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 13-16, 1973); and brochures (e.g., Amon Kotei's "Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings," presented by The Ghana Society of Artists, 5-9 Dec. 1960).


The online Index includes approximately 10,000 items. The index is searchable, and most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection Office in the Herman B Wells Library, Room E660.