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Click here for a more in-depth version of the National Disabilities Awareness Month Libguide 

"People with disabilities face many difficulties in all facets of daily life. In 1987 President Ronald Reagan officially declared the month of March as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness (NDDA) month. However, over time, the title has shifted to National Disability Awareness Month to become more inclusive of all disabilities.  This includes the observance of Disability Pride Month celebrated in July, and other disability-related holidays & celebrations in October. The NDDA proclamation called for people to provide understanding, encouragement, and opportunities to help persons with disabilities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. This class of disabilities can refer to impairments in learning and behavior, such as autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and impairments in physical and/or intellectual functioning such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and Down syndrome."  ~ Stem Learning and Research Center

Media Services encourages you to explore the Office of Disability Services for Students, located in the Herman B Wells Library, 1320 E. Tenth Street, West Tower, W302 for additional resources.