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Finding Online Streaming Videos

Kanopy Collection

Kanopy provides access to over 30,000 award-winning documentaries, feature and training films on every topic imaginable including Media Studies, Foreign Language, LBGTQ Studies, Psychology, Politics, Environmental, Literature. The collection offers films from Criterion Collection, PBS, Media Education Foundation, Film Ideas, First Run Features, New Day Films, California Newsreel and many independent filmmakers. Some of the most popular titles include The Times of Harvey Milk, A Hard Day's Night, Kiss Me, Hawking, Hoop Dreams, Miss Representation, Eraserhead, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and For the Bible Tells Me So

Faculty and instructors who assign required titles for classroom use will have priority access and approval.  Titles can be leased for one-to-three years based on the current budget.  Faculty and instructors must send an e-mail to Media Services if they wish to have a title renewed per academic year.

Indiana University Bloomington transitioned to a mediated model in July, 2018. This change came as a result of the increasing cost of the service, which had escalated significantly over the years and was no longer sustainable. 

Kanopy's pricing model for libraries is based on number of views per-title.  Once a title had been viewed three times,  the IU Libraries was charged an annual licensing fee per title. A conservative estimate had IU costs expected to double in the coming years. With increasing costs of resources across the board, the Libraries could not continue to absorb the cost for the current level of Kanopy access. 

We understand and respect how increasingly popular streaming media has become as an instructional resource, which is why our mediated service offering will prioritize the academic use of Kanopy. Access for individual viewing will unfortunately be interrupted. We regret having to make this change but we could not justify nor sustain the exorbitant costs.

Use the online catalog, IUCAT, to search for titles currently licensed via Kanopy.