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IU explains, "What is Themester?"

Our students crave a deeper understanding of the world. They seek points of connection between their academic studies and the complex issues of our time. Each fall, Themester invites undergraduates on a journey of intellectual exploration centered around one compelling theme. It fosters the exchange of ideas and connects the topics our faculty teach to our students’ lives through courses, lectures, exhibits, films, and more. The cross-disciplinary approach of Themester encourages discovery, growth, and engagement in today’s vital and relevant conversations.

Identity & Identification (2022) Resilience (2021)
Democracy (2020) Remembering & Forgetting (2019)
Animal / Human (2018) Diversity, Difference, Otherness (2017)
Beauty (2016) @Work, the Nature of Labor (2015)
Eat, Drink, Think (2014) Connectedness (2013) 
Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, Molecules to Morality (2012) Making War, Making Peace (2011)
Sustain_ability (2010) Evolution, Diversity, and Change (2009)