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E-Resources Access Information

E-Resources Access Guide

The E-Resources Access Information LibGuide is an internal guide for Libraries employees to learn more about the electronic resources that are licensed by the IU Libraries. At this time, this guide should not be shared with patrons, although you are welcome to incorporate information from this guide into your own Research Guides.

This guide was originally created to provide information about the differences between various e-book platforms. Over time, it will be expanded to include information about other types of e-resources, such e-journal packages, research tools, etc. Each section will have basic information about the format, as well as detailed information about specific providers/platforms within that format group.

Additionally, there is a General E-Resources Information section which will provide information that generally applies to all e-resources, broad troubleshooting tips, and additional resources (such as recordings of Ask ERA sessions). Finally, all E-Resources Quick Bytes articles from Between the Lines are archived in this guide.

This guide is a work in progress--please check back over time to see what has been added. If there is e-resources information you would like to see included, please notify the Electronic Resources Acquisitions team at