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Traditional Reference

Is It Wrong to Tell a Lie?

Is it wrong to tell a lie?

Reference Books

Encyclopedia of ethics   print
Encyclopedia of ethics   online

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy   print
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy   online
"Truthfulness" References and further reading

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy   online
"The Definition of Lying and Deception" under lying

Encyclopedia of philosophy   online

Encyclopedia of Religion   print
Encyclopedia of Religion online

Blackwell Reference Online

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Oxford Reference Online

The Psychology of Lying

Lying, misleading, and what is said an exploration in philosophy of language and in ethics


OneSearch ethics and (lies or lying or deception) and narrow with terms like: Therapeutic, medical, political, economic, personal, sexual, parent/child For example: theraputic

DARE, or Have They All Gone Electronic

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undefined Your aren't even safe with the Dictionary of American Biography
undefined Also available as American National Biography Online

Say It Ain't So

What is the story behind Samuel Bannister Harding’s dismissal from IU in 1920 or thereabouts?

Clark, Thomas Dionysius. Indiana University, Midwestern Pioneer. Volume 2. In Mid-Passage, p. 291-296

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What was the price in 1963 of Introduction to Statistics by William Mendenhall?