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Thomas Eakins. The Swimming Hole. 1885.

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Twenty (20) Questions

1. What might the initials BK stand for in relation to the IU library?

2. Are there studies on testing “mat rooms” or “sports rooms” for MRSA?

3. Is there an electronic version of the Special Report of the Governor of Wyoming to the Secretary of the Interior concerning Chinese Labor Troubles, 1885?

4. Can you find a German version of “When two people are as one,” a verse from the I Ching?

5. Can you find the series of books that was mentioned on CSI; it was a series where the main character is a vampire, and the author was something like Carlotta or Carlotto?

6. Can you find an overview of British politics, society, religion, etc. in 1915?

7. Can you find biographical information about Mehmed Efendi, the Ottoman ambassador to the Court of Louis XIV?

8. Can you find the Life of Leoba in the Monumenta Germaniae Historica?

9. Can you help identify a horse named Columbus, ca. 1860, who was either a very large horse and/or was considered the fastest horse at that time?

10. Is there an obituary available for Sir James Prior (1790-1869)?

11. How was electricity generated in Hawaii in the 1930s?

12. Can you find material on transgenic use of genes of Arctic fish in strawberries to increase cold weather tolerance in the strawberry?

13. Is there an English translation of Mémoire sur les tremblemens de terre de la Calabre pendant l’année 1783?

14. Can you help generate a list of all forthcoming computer gaming books?

15. Is there a New York law that allows exceptions for churches or people who don’t want to perform gay marriages?

16. Was the Soviet Union included in the Marshall Plan?

17. Can you find material on Max Weber and the pharisaic?

18. What were the rules about submitting Indiana University theses and dissertations before the 1920s?

19. Can you find material on “invisible disabilities”?

20. Can you locate information on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

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