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Traditional Reference

Kosher Meat Riots

Can you find material on the kosher meat riots in New York City?



Some search terms:
kosher meat riot new york, "kosher meat" and "new york"and riots, kosher and meat and riots, kosher and meat and boycott, "kosher meat riots", Kosher Meat War

Some search sources: (Primary and secondary sources)
America History and Life, Periodicals Archive Online, OneSearch@IU, Google books, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Harper's Weekly, Hathi Trust, Index to Jewish Periodicals, New York Times, Ethnic American Newspapers, 1799-1971, America's Historical Newspapers, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Sample results:

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"Fierce Meat Riot on Lower East Side: Demonstration Caused by Rise in Kosher Beef Prices. 500 Police Called Out. Officers Attacked by Immense Mob Around Hall Where Women Were Holding Indignation Meeting." New York Times 16 May 1902: 1.

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