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Media Studies

Media Studies refers to the broad range of interdisciplinary subjects focusing on media culture and production.

Television & Ratings Data Resources

The Television and Ratings Data resource contains relevant databases and texts at Indiana University Bloomington, sources and keywords for researching television ratings and data, and information about prominent television rating resources, such as the Nielsen Ratings.


Statista provides statistical data on many topics including media, business, politics, society, technology and education. Sources include market reports, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases. Charts can be downloaded in PNG, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF formats or embedded in web pages and can be great in papers or presentations.

How To Use Statista from COM Library

MRI Simmons & Simmons OneView

Simmons Insights (formerly Simmons OneView, and prior to that Simmons Choices3) provides data on adult U.S. consumers based on national surveys. The data includes consumer demographics (age, gender, income ...), consumer psychographics (behavior, attitudes ...) and buying and media habits. The database can be used to create individualized reports for marketing strategies, advertising choices, and other business decisions.

Historical Television & Rating Resources

International Television & Video Almanac

Current Television & Rating Resources

COM Source

Variety Ratings

Television Explorer

Search closed captions from the TV News Archive and create a visual dashboard.

The Futon Critic

Hollywood Reporter - Television Ratings

Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB)

Provides broadcast, subscription and syndication TV ratings delivery and analyses for the current season year as well as prior five seasons. Also includes breakdowns among age groups.


Cable Television Motion Picture Industry Television Television Broadcasting
Digital Media Television Programming Streaming Television Network
Teleprogramming Television Station Viewer/Audience Educational Television


Suggested Readings

Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings logo

What Are Nielsen Ratings?

Beginning in the 1950s, Arthur Charles (A.C.) Nielsen developed a system for rating the popularity of American television programs and series (Britannica - Nielsen Ratings). Nielsen Ratings:

  • Measure the popularity of a variety of television programs in the United States market
  • Indicate the audience size and composition of programming, but are not qualitative evaluations of whether or how much they are liked

Current Nielsen Research:

Historical Nielsen Research Sites & Resources:

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