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Media Studies

Media Studies refers to the broad range of interdisciplinary subjects focusing on media culture and production.

Instruction & Information Sessions

Please note: instruction sessions are currently only being offered virtually. If you need to schedule an in-person session, please contact our Teaching & Learning department at

As part of the program of support offered by our librarians, we are able to work with your students in sessions designed to introduce them to research fundamentals and provide an overview of general and subject-specific resources to facilitate their scholarship. 

Typically, a library instruction session lasts between 30-75 minutes, depending on your preferences and what material will be covered. Here are some possible skills we can cover in the library instruction session:

  • overview of library services
  • how to find books in the library (reading LC call numbers, citation searching, etc.)
  • how to search IUCAT for library resources
  • how to get items that IU libraries do not have
  • how to use OneSearch@IU in order to find research resources
  • how to use subject specific databases to find research resources
  • what a peer reviewed article is and how to find one
  • assessing resources of various types

For more ideas and suggestions about what we can cover, consult the Information Literacy Modules Guide, which you can use to select concepts for inclusion in our session.

Generally, library instruction sessions are hands-on workshops rather than individual lectures. In order to make the workshop portion of the class useful, we do like students to have access to a computer. If your current classroom has computers the library instruction session can be taught there. If your classroom does not have appropriate individual technology, students can bring their laptops or we can schedule the instruction session to take place in an instruction room in the library.  

Best Practices

  • Connect the session and concepts covered therein to specific course assignments (and/or learning objectives), and communicate these connections (and any expectations) to the students and librarian
  • Schedule sessions as close as possible to the “point of need” (ie. when the skills covered will be most useful for a project, assignment, etc.), such as after students have chosen their topics but prior to beginning the research process
  • Include librarian’s contact information in your syllabus and Canvas (and consider adding librarian to Canvas if appropriate)

Librarian Policies & Reminders

  • A minimum of two weeks (or 10 business days) is required in advance of the session date, and three weeks is required for sessions that require significant customization and to reserve instructional spaces in the library
  • Faculty or instructor attendance is strongly preferred, as this helps provide continuity and facilitation, demonstrates the value of the session, and enables clarification and support of learning objectives/expectations as needed

What we need from you:

  • Desired date & time of library instruction session: 
  • Number of students in class:
  • Preferred location of class (your normal classroom or instruction room in Wells Library): 
  • Specific resources your would like covered in the instruction session:
  • Learning objectives, if applicable: 
  • Skills with which students need help (this could include challenges you’ve come across, or anything that would help your students complete specific assignments or projects):
  • A copy of your syllabus, as well as descriptions or outlines of any assignments to which we can tailor the session
  • Any other expectations or requirements you have of the session:

To request an instruction session with our team, please either complete the Instruction Request Form or send an email with the requested information (above) to the librarian.