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EndNote 21

EndNote at Indiana University - Bloomington

Attaching Files

The file attachment field allows you to attach files to individual references in your EndNote Library.
You can copy and paste the file into the reference or drag and drop.

Any type of file can go into the attachment field: PDFs, jpgs, gifs, mpegs, excels or others.

The field will accommodate up to 45 separate files. (If you put a file in the image field, you can only put one).

A paper clip in the library display indicates there is a file attached to that reference.

This feature allows you to have full text of articles available and associated with your bibliography record, and the PDFs are fully searchable within EndNote.

The files reside in the .DATA folder created when you first create your EndNote library. Keep the library and the .DATA together, and do not lose either.



You may also attach files when you are editing a reference.
At the top right of the reference being edited, you will see "PDF". Click it, then click "Attach PDF" and select the desired file.