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EndNote at Indiana University - Bloomington

Sharing a Library

Sharing Libraries

EndNote X8 allows you to share an EndNote library (only one library) with anyone using EndNote X7.2 or above. 
With EndNote X8 you can share your library with up to 100 others, and the share function allows you to share the entire library, including the references, pdfs, annotations and groups.

Those with whom you share a library will also be able to create groups, add new references, attach PDFs, make annotations, delete references, and work simultaneously in the library. 

Sharing relies on EndNote’s ‘Sync’ function.
First you and those with whom you want to share your library must all have an EndNote online account (formerly Endnote Web) set up first. 

To create and account, go to and create one.

You may have one library there to share, and only one.

Create and EndNote desktop library and name it as usual.

Before you can share a library, sync the online library with the desktop library.  Go to Tools (in the desktop library), then sync. The sync function is always through the desktop.

When the desktop and the online libraries are fully synched, go File, then Share (or click the sharing button on the toolbar).

Enter the email addresses of those you wish to share and click invite.

Those you have chosen will receive and email invitation.  After they have accepted, they can then login into their own online accounts and begin to use the shared library in EndNote desktop by going to File, then Open shared library. 

Users select the shared EndNote library they want to open.  They may have access to several libraries, but each user may have only one shared library (as owner), which is connected to an individual email address.

Those who wish to share a library must decide who the owner will be, especially as the owner is the only one who can grant to the other participants access to the shared library they created.

After adding references, sync before leaving so the new references are available to all.