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How to use the citation manager EndNote in the browser.

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EndNote desktop normally has a limit of 45 file attachments per reference. That is, you can only attach 45 files to a desktop reference. However, if you transfer file attachments from EndNote Online, a reference in desktop can end up with more than 45 attachments.

EndNote Online has no limit on the number of file attachments per reference. When transferring references with attachments from EndNote Online to EndNote desktop, all attachments are transferred to desktop even if this number exceeds the 45 file attachment limit.

Both EndNote desktop and EndNote Online can have only one figure attachment per reference. When performing a transfer, if both the desktop reference and the Online reference contains a figure attachment, the one that remains after the transfer is determined by the transfer direction. The other figure attachment is overwritten. For example, you perform a transfer from desktop to Online, the desktop figure attachment will appear in both references.

In EndNote desktop, attachments appear in a reference in the order in which they are attached. Moreover, they are appended to the order of existing attachments.

In EndNote Online, all attachments appear in alphabetical order.

If you delete an attachment from a reference in EndNote desktop, then you must manually delete that attachment from the reference in EndNote Online and vice-versa if you wish to keep the two references in sync.

Some files may be automatically renamed after they are transferred from EndNote Online to the desktop because the path is too long and when the file names are identical.

Due to server resources, there may be a limit to the number of references you can transfer at one time. There is also a size limit (5GB) to the number of files and figures you can transfer. If you attempt to transfer more than the limit, you will be notified.




Synchronize / transfer
You may synchronize references (and attachments) between EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online
Synchronization is done through EndNote Desktop.
In the desktop, go to libraries, then Sync



When complete, all references and attachments will be in the desktop EndNote library and in EndNote Onlines.s All References. Groups, too, will be preserved, or added if new groups have been created on either platform.
File attachments that have been transferred, but are then deleted from either EndNote desktop or EndNote Online will appear on both sides during a subsequent transfer. You must manually delete an attachment in both EndNote desktop and EndNote Web to keep the two references in common.