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Jewish Studies

A guide to help you navigate the Jewish Studies resources at IU Bloomington

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

The major subject headings are, not surprisingly, Israel and Palestine, as well as Arab-Israeli Conflict and Zionism, but the high number of results can make them less useful. Consequently, you may want to try one of the other terms below. This list offers just a few examples of the hundreds of subject headings related to Israel and Palestine.

  1. Arab-Israeli conflict--History
  2. Democracy--Israel
  3. There are many subcategories of the subject heading Israel. Here are some examples:
  4. Israel. Kneset
  5. Israeli West Bank Barrier
  6. Jerusalem--History
  7. Jerusalem--Ethnic relations
  8. Jewish-Arab relations
  9. Jews--Israel
  10. Jews--Palestine
  11. Immigrants--Israel
  12. Mizrahim--Israel
  13. National characteristics, Israeli
  14. As with the subject heading Israel, the subject heading Palestine also has many subcategories, such as the following:
  15. Palestinian Arabs--Israel
  16. Prime ministers--Israel
  17. Religion and state--Israel
  18. Zionism--History

See also the general Background, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries page.

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