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If You Are Accessing Databases From Off Campus

If you will be using IU databases from somewhere other than campus, you will want to download Pulse Secure, IU's VPN (Virtual Personal Network). Many of the databases will just ask you for your IU login, but a few only work if you are on campus or using the VPN. If a database tries to charge you for access to a report or article, close that browser or tab, start the VPN, then try accessing the database again. For more on VPN, see this Knowledge Base article. (The Knowledge Base is also a great place to get answers to many of your questions about software and computing at IU.)


If you're having trouble accessing a database or the data within a database, try the VPN first; it solves a lot of problems. If you're still running into problems after trying the VPN, here is another workaround:

  1. Go to IUanyware.
  2. In the search box in the top right corner, search for Chrome.
  3. Click the star to favorite Chrome for the future (it will display every time you visit IUanyware in the future)
  4. Click on the Google Chrome icon.
  5. There will be a pop-up, select “Open Citrix Receiver Launcher” OR choose "Use light version" Choose "Use light version."
  6. A new Chrome browser window will open, with a starting page of Type into the URL bar (copy/paste doesn't usually work here). Search for the database and click the appropriate link to access it.

This process lets you access a web browser that is running on a campus server, so it looks as though you are on campus to the databases.