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MBA Library Orientation Guide (2020/2021)

General library guide provided to incoming MBA students on August 19, 2020.

Getting Started

Google is an amazing tool, but as an MBA student, you will need access to information like company and industry analysis, market research, and scholarly articles that are not freely available. The Libraries subscribe to databases that contain all of this information. Access these resources from both on- and off-campus by using the links in this guide or those on the Libraries' webpage. See the Business Databases tab for more company, industry, finance, marketing, and news and literature information.

Business Databases
Find the complete list of business databases you have access to as an IU student. Read subject posts that assist in doing certain types of business research (e.g., company, industry, marketing,finance), or explain how to locate the Wall Street Journal and other popular business publications.

Get to know these five databases:

Using Databases Remotely