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MBA Library Orientation Guide (2020/2021)

General library guide provided to incoming MBA students on August 19, 2020.

Information is Power (when preparing for an interview or internship)

Conducting research prior to a networking event or interview or for internship preparation will help you answer the question: What is an employer thinking about or trying to do?  What is hindering or helping progress? Focusing your investigation on these areas will assist in tailoring job search materials or interview responses to a company’s focus.

The "Career Research Resources" box provides library resource suggestions that can be used for general career research. Company and industry sources can be used for analysis. The Business/SPEA Library also offers the HIRE ED service--business information experts give you the research needed to have a competitive edge for your internship or interview.

Career Research Resources

These online resources are available to all IUB Students. Many of them are interactive. To take full advantage of their features you may be required to create a free personal account.  Each resource will guide you through the process.