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Music Library IUCAT Item Location Codes

Frontlog - Microfilm

Blmgtn - Music Library

Frontlog - Microfilm -- Ask Staff

  • Description: Microfilms that have been acquired by the Music Library but have not been fully cataloged.

  • Location: These items are stored in closed stack areas and may be retrieved by library staff for your use before they are fully cataloged.

  • To access:
    • Use IUCAT to find the call number or frontlog number of the item you wish to use. (Note: frontlog call numbers look something like this: AAX1724 or 1237654). 
    • Request retrieval of the item in one of three ways:
      1. Fill out a yellow retrieval request slip at the circulation desk and give it to the desk attendant.  Be sure to include your name, the IUCAT location, and the call number.  The item will be retrieved within 15 minutes and held for you until the end of the day.
      2. Print a copy of the IUCAT record that contains the composer, title, IUCAT location, and call number. Write your name clearly on the printout and turn it in at the circulation desk. The item will be retrieved within 15 minutes and held for you until the end of the day.
      3. Send an email message to libmus requesting that an item or item(s) be retrieved and held for you that day. You should receive a response within 30 minutes indicating the status of your request.
    • Once your microforms have been retrieved, you can pick them up and check them out at the circulation desk.
    • There are two microfilm readers, a microfiche reader, a microcard reader, and a microform reader/scanner in the southwest corner of the first floor (just past the computer lab) available for your use.
    • You may also check most microforms out of the Music Library and read them at the Main Library or other campus libraries if you find that more convenient.