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Russian poetry

This subject guide is designed to assist with discovery of scholarly information about Russian poetry. It introduces prominent databases and crucial reference resources, with its primary focus on English-language information.


Catalogs: Currently IUCAT allows searches in Cyrillic. For searches in transliteration make sure to follow the LC system, a link to which is provided below.


   * Also use HathiTrust Digital Library for searching books and journals beyond IUL.

   * It is important to use the Library of Congress transliteration system when conducting searches in the above catalogs.


Digital Libraries


  Digital public library of America: All-American (United States) distributed digital library providing access to millions of
  items of all formats.

  Europeana: All-European distributed digital library providing access to millions of items of formats.

  Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka: Full-text digital library of Russian literature and folklore. A highly acclaimed
  scholarly resource created by the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  Gutenberg: A well-established Western digital library.

  Russkaia virtual'naia biblioteka: One of the more authoritative digital libraries of Russian literature.


A few examples of bilingual publications of Russian poetry


LC call number ranges pertinent to Russian poetry: Do call number searches in IUCAT to browse a specific section of the collection in its entirety. Be advised to remember that the collection has two physical locations, and your browsing should be conducted both in the stacks and in IUCAT. The following is a list of call number ranges pertinent to Russian poetry and poets. 


  Russian literature

  PG3041-3065    History and criticism -- Poetry
  PG3230-3238    Collections -- Poetry

  Individual authors and works
  PG3340-3359 -- Pushkin, Aleksandr
  PG3476.A324 -- Akhmatova, Anna
  PG3476.E8  --  Esenin, Sergei
  PG3476.M355  --  Mandel'shtam, Osip
  PG3476.M3-.M312  --  Maiakovskii, Vladimir
  PG3476.Z2  --  Zabolotskii, Nikolai
  PG3476.T75  --  Tsvetaeva, Marina
  PG3476.P27  --  Pasternak, Boris
  PG3476.K472  --  Kharms, Daniil
  PG3476.K488  --  Khodasevich, Vladislav
  PG3476.K485  --  Khlebnikov, Velemir
  PG3476.G85  --  Gumilev, Lev
  PG3476.B83  --  Burliuk, David
  PG3453.B6  --  Blok, Aleksandr
  PG3453.B84  --  Belyi, Andrei
  PG3453.B7  --  Briusov, Valerii
  PG3467.K93  --  Kuzmin, Mikhail
  PG3453.B2  --  Bal'mont, Konstantin
  PG3467.I8  --  Ivanov, Viacheslav
  PG3453.A6  --  Annenskii, Innokentii
  PG3470.S7-.S7Z999  --  Solov'ev, Vladimir
  PG3337.N4  --  Nekrasov, Nikolai
  PG3337.L4-.L49  ---  Lermontov, Mikhail
  PG3361.S4  --  Fet, Afanasii
  PG3361.T5-.T5Z99  --  Tiutchev, Fedor
  PG3337.I4  --  Iazykov, Nikolai
  PG3321.B3  --  Baratynskii, Evgenii
  PG3321.B3  --  Del'vig, Anton
  PG3447.V5  --  Viazemskii, Petr
  PG3321.B4  --  Batiushkov, Konstantin
  PG3447.Z5  --  Zhukovskii, Vasilii
  PG3337.K7  --  Krylov, Ivan
  PG3312  --  Derzhavin, Gavriil
  PG3316  --  Lomonosov, Mikhail


Book reviews


  Book review digest retrospective: 1903-1982 (H.W. Wilson): Provides abstracts from book reviews and citations
  to additional book reviews.Coverage is selective.

  Book review index online: The backfile of Book review index from 1965 to the present. Citations only.