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Russian poetry

This subject guide is designed to assist with discovery of scholarly information about Russian poetry. It introduces prominent databases and crucial reference resources, with its primary focus on English-language information.

Journal articles

English-language: Using the following databases, one may be able to build a working bibliography of recent scholarly journal articles in English related to Russian poetry.


   JSTOR: Extensive English-language, complete-run (in many cases) journal archive mostly in the humanities and social

   Academic search: Largest multidisciplinary collection of English-language (with some non-English) journals, but partly

   Project muse: Humanities and social sciences full-text journal archive.


Russian-language: The following two, one full-text and the other citations only, are among the more widely used online databases,  for finding recent Russian-language scholarly journal articles outside Russia.


   Universsal database of social sciences and humanities: Full-text Russian-language current journal database in the
   humanities and social sciences.

   Zhurnal'nyi zal: Open-access Russian literary journal archive of about 30
   prominent titles.





Journals of the Silver Age: Mostly short-lived, many literary-artistic (literaturno-khudozhestvennye) journals were published by poets and artists during the Silver Age, including the following:


   Apollon (1909-1916): Illustrated monthly published in Peterburg by M. K. Makovskii.

   Baian (1914): Art journal published in Moskva G. V. Balitskii and Iu. I. Shamurin.

   Gerboved (1913-1914): Peterburg monthly published by S. N. Troinitskii.

   Khudozhestvennye sokrovishcha Rossii (1901-1907): Illustrated monthly published in Peterburg by "Obshchestvo
   poshchreniia khudozhestv."

   Liubov’ k trem apel’sinam. Zhurnal doktora Dapertutto (1914-1916): Theater and literary journal published in
   Peterburg by V. E. Meierkhol'd.

   Mir iskusstva (1899-1904): Illustrated art journal organized by the artist S. N. Benua and published in Peterburg by M. K.
   Tenisheva and S. P. Diagilev.

   Russkii bibliofil (1911-1916): Illustrated book journal published Peterburg by N. V. Solov'ev.

   Severnyi vestnik (1885-1899): Literary journal published in Peterburg by Anna Evreinova.

   Sofiia (1914): Illustrated art journal published in Moskva as a monthly by P. P. Muratov.

   Starye gody (1907-1916): Art journal specializing in Russian national art published in Peterburg by V. A. Vereshchagin.

   Vesy (1904-1909): Literary and bibliographical journal published in Moskva by S. A. Poliakov.

   Zolotoe runo (1906-1909): Literary monthly published in Moskva by N. P. Riabushinskii.


   The following two digital collections contain many interesting periodicals published in Russia during the Silver Age.
   Imperial Russia's illustrated press (1900-1918) and Russian avant-garde 1904-1946.


Newspaper articles

The following three online resources should be useful for finding Russian newspaper articles as primary sources.


    Izvestiia digital archive (1917-2010): Provides access to the complete run of the newspaper, the central government
    organ of the Soviet Union up to its last days and then an independent newspaper in post-Soviet Russia.

    Pravda digital archive (1912-2009): A pdf archive of the central party organ of CPSR going all the way back to its
    earliest days in 1912.

    Current digest of post-Soviet press (1949-present): English translation of selected articles from central/major
    newspapers of the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia. See also Foreign broadcast information service daily report (FBIS)
    another translation resource covering 20 countries.


Contemporary newspaper articles concerning Russian poetry and poets.

     Lexis/Nexis Academic: Full-text access to a large number of contemporary English-language newspapers, and a few
     non-English newspapers.