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Russian poetry

This subject guide is designed to assist with discovery of scholarly information about Russian poetry. It introduces prominent databases and crucial reference resources, with its primary focus on English-language information.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

This section introduces prominent English and Russian-language reference publications pertaining to Russian literature. Russian poetry-specific reference publications, especially in English, are still rare. But the existing reference publications that cover Russian literature comprehensively are useful sources of reference information about Russian poetry. Finding them in IUCAT is far from complicated. By adding to your subject search "encyclopedias," "dictionaries," or "glossaries" you will be able to limit the search results to reference publications.



     Russian writers : a bio-bibliographical dictionary by Valentine Snow (2 vols.)
     Publication date: 1946-


     99 imen serebrianogo veka by Iurii Bezelianskii
     Publication date: 2008

     Entsiklopediia russkogo avangarda by T. V. Kotovich
     ISBN: 9856479304
     Publication date: 2003

     Kratkaia akhmatovskaia entsiklopediia: ot a do ia, tysiacha slov--kratkikh spravok by S. D. Umnikov
     Publication date: 1991

     Literaturnai͡a ent͡siklopedii͡a by P.I. Lebedev-Polianskiĭ [i dr.]
     Number of volumes: 11
     Publication date: 1948 [reprint of the original 1929-1939]

     Literaturnai͡a ėnt͡siklopedii͡a terminov i poni͡atiĭ by A.N. Nikoli͡ukin.
     ISBN: 593264026X
     Publication date: 2001.

     Literaturnye obʺedinenii͡a Moskvy i Peterburga 1890-1917 godov : slovarʹ by Manfred Shruba
     ISBN: 5867932931
     Publication date: 2004

     Literaturnoe zarubezhʹe Rossii : ėnt͡siklopedicheskiĭ spravochnik by E.P. Chelysheva i A.I͡A.

     ISBN: 9785806100765
     Publication date: 2006

     Poėticheskiĭ slovarʹ by A. P. Kviatkovskii
     ISBN: 9785728114703
     Publication date: 2013 (3rd ed; originally 1966)

     Russkie pisateli XI-nachala XX veka : biobibliograficheskiĭ slovarʹ : kniga dli͡a uchashchikhsi͡a by N.N. Skatova
     ISBN: 5090039577
     Publication date: 1995

     Russkie pisateli, 1800-1917 : biograficheskiĭ slovarʹ by P.A. Nikolaev
     Number of volumes: 5
     ISBN: 9785852700117
     Publication date: 1992-

     Slovarʹ poėticheskikh obrazov : na materiale russkoĭ khudozhestvennoĭ literatury XVIII-XX vekov by Natalii͡a

     Number of volumes: 2
     ISBN: 5901006844 (t. 1); 5901006852 (t. 2)
     Publication date: 1999