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Map Collections

Herman B Wells Library Map Collections


Maps at IUB

The Wells Library map collection is the largest in the state of Indiana. The primary focus of the collection is maps of Indiana, but we hold maps from nearly every country in the world. The major map collections of the IUB Libraries are in Government Information, Maps, and Microform Services (GIMMS) at the Wells Library. Some rare maps are located in the Lilly Library.

This LibGuide will highlight some of our collections and try to answer some common question about maps. For more help, feel free to contact GIMMS any time.

What about GIS?

GIS stands for "Geographical Information System" and refers to the practice of using map (spatial) data to investigate and understand the world. Everything from weather maps on the local news to studies of population migrations over time are examples of how GIS data can be used.

IU Libraries provides support for GIS research, including data sources, training workshops, and consultations. Find out more about GIS at the library on our GIS LibGuide.