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Map Collections

Herman B Wells Library Map Collections

Government Map Sources

Governments are a great source of map, especially current ones. Governments need maps to make all kinds of decisions and many make these maps available to the public.

Local Government Map Sources

County and City governments are a great source of detailed maps of smaller areas.

Here are just some of the kinds of information you might find in local government maps.

  • Details on individual parcels
  • Zoning maps
  • School locations and districts
  • Voting Precincts and districts
  • Locations of fire and police departments, libraries, and hospitals

Always check out the local area's maps/GIS department, but don't forget that other departments may have maps available, too. Planning and transportation departments are particularly fruitful sources of current and detailed maps.

State Government Map Sources

State governments produce maps for a variety of reasons. Be sure to search a state's website for maps and GIS!

Federal Government Map Sources

CIA Maps

The CIA World Factbook is an almanac of nations and regions. It also contains both physical and political maps all of which are in the public domain. Many can be found online (below), but IU Libraries has paper copies of older ones. Here's how you find them:

1) Use the IUCat Advanced Search.

2) Put the name of the country in the "Title" box. You can also try things like "oceans" or the names of continents or regions.

3) In the keyword search, spell out "Central Intelligence Agency."

CIA Maps Online