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Map Collections

Herman B Wells Library Map Collections

Indiana Maps

The Indiana Maps Collection contains maps:

  • at the regional, state, county, city and other local levels,
  • from territorial days to the present,
  • that illustrate various subjects from transportation to weather to hiking,
  • published by federal, state, local governmental bodies as well as non-government organizations and commercial vendors.

Almost 60 percent of maps covering the state have been cataloged and are accessible via IUCAT.

IUB Libraries aggressively collects maps covering the state of Indiana, including purchasing new resources as well as historical. All users may recommend a map title, contact the department at Copy 1 of Indiana maps published prior to 1950 are considered restricted or rare and must be requested from GIMMS. Duplicate copies are retained.

Other Historic Resources

Indiana Maps Online

General Collections

Individual Titles

Other Reference Resources

Indiana Map Series

What is a map series?

Throughout history, governmental agencies and other organizations have published maps depicting specific areas with the state or the nation, all at the same or similar scale, making it easy to compare the area. These "series" or "sets" provide incredible cartographic coverage of our state, its counties, cities, or regions. For example, the most famous map series is perhaps the U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 topographic map series, providing comprehensive coverage of the nation at the 1:24,000 scale (and earlier at 1:62,500). As finding tools for the various series, we are providing lists or guides to the following series:

Reference Resources