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Map Collections

Herman B Wells Library Map Collections

Catalog Search

Cataloged maps can be found in IUCat. Using the Advanced Search, change "All Fields" in the first row to "Subject" and type the name of the area you're interested in. Then, put "map" into the next row. You can also keywords about the kind of map your looking for, like "Geology" or "Interstate 69."

Be wary of limiting your search by "map" format. Many of our maps have not been encoded as such and will not show up if you select "map" as the format. Remember, add "map" as a keyword in your search.

Here's what a search for maps of Bloomington might look like.

Screenshot of an example search for maps in IUCat.

Uncataloged Maps

A large part of the map collection remains “uncataloged" and so there are no online records for them available. These maps are filed according to an area code system that assigns numbers to continents, countries and selected other geographical features. We have adopted a modified version of the area code system used by the library of the American Geographical Society to organize our holdings.

Learn more about how to find these maps on our AGS Place Name Index (and Uncataloged Maps) page.

Ask a Maps Librarian

You can always ask the staff of Government Information, Maps, and Microform Services for help finding maps.

E-mail or call 812-855-6924.