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Religious Studies

A guide to assist research in religious studies.

Library of Congress Subject HeadingsLarge call number ranges are devoted to topics related to Christianity, including all of the books with call numbers starting BR (on Christianity) and BX (on Christian denominations). In addition, the BS range covers the Bible while the BTs and BVs are on doctrinal and practical theology, respectively. And, of course, you can books relevant to research of Christians and Christianity with almost any other call number too. The subject heading Christianity might be a useful starting point, but would require narrowing. These subject headings are just a few that might be more useful for research on Christianity.

  1. Any denomination (e.g. Catholic Church or Catholics, Orthodox Eastern ChurchPentecostalism or Pentecostal ChurchesQuakers, etc.)
  2. Bible, New Testament (many results, so you might try, e.g. Bible, New Testament--Criticism, Interpretation, etc., Bible. John or other subjects connected to particular books, etc.)
  3. Bible--Theology
  4. Christianity--China (or other geographic areas, e.g. Christianity--NigeriaChristianity--United States)
  5. Christianity--Philosophy
  6. Christianity and Culture
  7. Christianity and other Religions (many results, but many subheadings, e.g. Christianity and other Religions--Roman, Christianity and other Religions--Islam)
  8. Christian Heresies (also Arianism, Albigenses, Hussites, Waldenses, etc.)
  9. Church History--Primitive and Early Church, ca. 30-600
  10. Counter Reformation
  11. Eschatology
  12. Evangelicalism
  13. Feminist Theology
  14. History--Religious Aspects--Christianity
  15. Jesus Christ (too many results, so try subheadings, e.g. Jesus Christ--Art, Jesus Christ--History of Doctrines, Jesus Christ--HumanityJesus Christ--Person and Offices, etc.)
  16. Missions (too many results, so try subheadings, e.g. Missions, Spanish, Missions--China or other geographic areas, Missions--Educational WorkMissions--Theory, etc.)
  17. Monastic and Religious Life
  18. Reformation (too many results, but adding a country like Reformation--Germany or Reformation--England helps)
  19. Women in Christianity

General Reference Works:

Topical Reference Works:

The tabs below represent three call numbers (BR, BS, and BX) with material particularly relevant to research on Christianity. E-books do not have call numbers and consequently have their own tab.

The primary sources below are arranged according to broad chronological categories (early Christianity, medieval Christianity, Reformation-era Christianity, and modern Christianity). Of course, this is just a small sample of material that is out there. Check the History Research Guide or contact me for help finding other sources.

Early Christianity

Medieval Christianity

Reformation-Era Christianity

Modern Christianity