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A Master Course Guide for IUB

Helpful boxes to include in many IUB LibGuides.

Changing Size of Embedded Widgets

Step 1:

If copying another LibGuide box, check the box Make a copy.
After copying the box, click Edit Media/Widget Code.

Step 2:

Within the Widget Code, change the numbers next to width= and height=.
(You may need to play with different numbers to find the best size.) 

OneSearch Tutorial

OneSearch is sort of like Google for libraries. It searches within the hundreds of individual databases that IU Libraries subscribes to all at once. It primarily searches for articles.

This video tutorial shows how to access OneSearch and search effectively using filters including the use of the Peer-Review limiter.

IUCAT Tutorial

IUCAT is the catalog of items that IU Libraries owns. These are primarily books, but also include other items like musical scores, recordings, DVDs, etc. Ebooks are also found in this catalog. IUCAT includes holdings from all IU campuses.

This video tutorial shows how to access and search IUCAT, with particular emphasis on using limiters to select items that are available on the Bloomington campus.

Google Scholar and Library Resources Tutorial

Google Scholar is a service that searches publisher webpages for information related to academic publications. Google Scholar and the Libraries work together to locate items free of charge.

This video tutorial give some pro-tips for maximizing your use of Google Scholar, including how to use Google Scholar to access Library resources.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Tutorial

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a service where libraries across the country agree to share items with each other. This way, if the IUB Libraries don't have a book or article that you need, we can borrow it on your behalf from another library.

This video tutorial shows how to determine if an item is available or not, and how to make a request through ILL.

Accessing Library Resources Remotely

This tutorial shows how to access resources when you are not on campus.

The Information Cycle

Emphasizes how format reflects how source was produced.
From Portland State University.

Information Cycle

Humorous explanation.

Brainstorming Keywords

Identify effective search terms for database and web resources. (From Portland State University.)

Selecting Number of Keywords (in Databases)

Cite a Source: How & Why

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Scholarly vs Popular (Video)

Primary Secondary Tertiary Sources

From David Rice Library

Do's and Don't's of PowerPoint

Accessing eBooks through IUCAT

This tutorial shows how to access eBooks through IUCAT.

Common Features of Library Databases

This two-minute video will show you some common features of library databases.


Requesting Physical Items from the Library

This video helps viewers understand how to request physical items from the IU libraries.

IU Bloomington Libraries Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the Indiana University-Bloomington Libraries.