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SOAD M405 International Fashion Consumers and Retailers

Resouces that provide insight on retail internationalization of various companies in global contexts.

What Tools Should You Use?

IU Libraries provides many specialized research tools on our campus.  This page is a curated collection of the databases that will provide targeted information about countries that have retail internationalization experience across the globe.  The databases are categorized as follows:

Country Research - Look for reports on various countries, drilling down into sections that display information about the retail sector.  It may be possible to narrow down even further to look at apparel sectors.

Company Research - Research the name of your company to find out its industry competitors.  Financial information is often available for publicly-traded companies.

News Articles - These provide articles written for industry employees as well as the general public.  Search for an individual company name.  Althernatively, you can construct a complex search using the country's name and other keywords.  Example: "Thailand and globalization"