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Ukrainian Language Learning

Resources for learning of Ukrainian language.

Online courses

SpeakUkrainian: National Platform for Studying the Ukrainian Language for English-speaking People 

"This platform is intended for everyone who needs to improve the Ukrainian language - both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, therefore the English language is auxiliary. 
The best methodologists in Ukraine have prepared for you 25 most frequently used topics, and nearly 100 interesting lessons for the rapid mastery of Ukrainian. You will have to deal with interesting dialogues and exercises, and not with boring explanations of the rules. Everything happens in the form of a competition - a competition between you and yourself. We recommend you spend 15-30 minutes every day to achieve a better result"


Ukrainian Lessons

"Start learning Ukrainian and keep going to reach your goals with our podcasts, books, and other inspiring resources." Contains two podcasts (free with an option for access to additional materials with premium subscription):

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast: "A well-structured and easily accessible Ukrainian language course that can easily fit into your life. With its 5 seasons (200 episodes), you can start learning Ukrainian, improve your skills at any level, discover Ukrainian culture, and fall in love with Ukrainian."

5 Minute Ukrainian: "A series of 60 conversational mini-lessons ― packed with realistic dialogues at a natural and slow speed, essential phrases for the most common situations, vocabulary boosters, grammar points… and more!"

Blog: "This is our free Ukrainian digital textbook. Browse our blog for helpful articles, infographics, and audio that facilitate your learning and inspire you to move forward on your Ukrainian learning journey."


Read Ukrainian! A reading course for beginners

A course of interactive self-access materials designed to support the acquisition of reading skills in Ukrainian. The materials allow students to consolidate topics learnt in a Ukrainian reading course or the reading component of a general course in Ukrainian.


Communicative Ukrainian for Research and Fieldwork

"A course of Ukrainian language materials for postgraduate students and others undertaking fieldwork in Ukraine or a Ukrainian-speaking environment, or research requiring work with Ukrainian language speakers or resources.

The materials are aimed at students who already have some competence in Ukrainian. They focus primarily on the skills of comprehension and production of practical, study or fieldwork related spoken Ukrainian, as well as the production of initial drafts of basic written texts such as survey or focus-group questionnaires, research summaries, form-filling for access to libraries and archives etc."


Collections of various resources

"My journey to learning Ukrainian and the online language tools that took me there" by Marina Khonina

"Украинские ресурсы для начинающих, продолжающих + новости" by Alina Dudik