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Ukrainian Language Learning

Resources for learning of Ukrainian language.

Textbooks and grammars

Textbooks -- print

Beginner’s Ukrainian: with interactive online workbook by Yuri Shevchuk. Third integrated edition. New York: Hippocrene Books, 2022. 

"This popular language textbook with an interactive website offers an easy, effective, and fun way for beginners to learn how to read, write, speak and understand Ukrainian. The book includes 15 useful lessons, covering everyday situations such as introductions, family, and shopping. An interactive website featuring audio dialogues and exercises recorded using native speakers is also available to users"




Colloquial Ukrainian: The Complete Course for Beginners By Ian Press, Stefan Pugh. Copyright 1994. Published August 13, 2015 by Routledge.

"No prior knowledge of the language is required. Each unit presents a wealth of grammatical points that are reinforced with a wide range of exercises for regular practice. A full answer key can be found at the back as well as useful vocabulary lists throughout. Key features include:

  • A clear, user-friendly format designed to help learners progressively build up their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Jargon-free, succinct and clearly structured explanations of grammar
  • An extensive range of focused and dynamic supportive exercises
  • Realistic and entertaining dialogues covering a broad variety of narrative situations"


Complete Ukrainian (Beginner to Intermediate Course) by Olena Bekh and James Dingley. London: Hodder, 2010.

"The course is structured in thematic units and the emphasis is placed on communication, so that you effortlessly progress from introducing yourself and dealing with everyday situations, to using the phone and talking about work"





Rozmovliaimo! (Let's Talk!): A Basic Ukrainian Course with Polylogs, Grammar, And Conversation Lessons by Robert A. DeLossa, R. Robert Koropeckyj, Robert Romanchuk, and Alexandra Isaivych Mason. Slavica, 2005. 

" At the core of the book are twenty-two lessons, each beginning with situational conversations or "polylogs" and communicative exercises, and followed by grammatical explanations with further exercises for practice. The lessons are supplemented by a detailed "Ukrainian for Russian Speakers" section that specifically aids students who have studied Russian by giving them, for example, lists of false cognates, explanations of correspondences, and historical divergences"


Modern Ukrainian by Assya Humesky. Third Edition Paperback – Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Study Press, 2001.

"Modern Ukrainian is a first-year Ukrainian grammar that presents the fundamental morphology and vocabulary including notations on syntax and intonation. It consists of twenty lessons arranged in such a way that they can be covered within an academic year. Listen to the audio language laboratory resources for Modern Ukrainian at the University of Toronto"




Ukrainian Through its Living Culture. Advanced Level Language Textbook by Alla Nedashkivska. University of Alberta Press, 2010. 

"Placing language learning within a cultural framework enlivens the learning process and jumpstarts contextual conversations in the classroom. Experienced instructor Dr. Alla Nedashkivska has crafted a textbook that presents a modern version of Ukrainian, one that will encourage students' interest in learning, with the goal of building proficiency in the language and knowledge of Ukrainian culture and society. This text is excellent for studies over a longer period, using the intermediate exercises to start, then progressing to the advanced exercises to cement comprehension. An absolute must for anyone teaching or learning Ukrainian at senior levels"


Online textbooks
PodorozhiUA: Beginners’ Ukrainian via the Blended-Learning Model by Alla Nedashkivska and Olena Sivachenko in collaboration with Oksana Peters. 

This introductory level language textbook is designed both for university-level instruction as well as for self-learning. Open access/Free.

"Welcome to our digital textbook, which is specifically designed for you, today’s student who appreciates easy and quick access to learning resources, user-friendly format, flexibility of use on various digital and electronic devices (computer, tablet, or smart phone), interactivity, and self-paced learning. Our textbook provides you with opportunities for active learning experiences in the Ukrainian language, which for you is either a new language or one in which you have only basic proficiency. Our textbook takes you on a journey to contemporary Ukraine, its language, and its culture. Through learning the basics of the language, you will also familiarize yourself with Ukraine’s everyday culture."


Вікно у світ бізнесу: ділова українська мова / A Window Into the World of Business: Ukrainian for Professional Communication by Alla Nedashkivska (University of Alberta Press/Pica Pica Press 2016)

Advanced-level Ukrainian web-based textbook for advanced business communication and is the perfect principal text for advanced Ukrainian at the third or fourth level of instruction. This open access resource is intended for content-based courses devoted to learning Ukrainian for business and professional communication at universities and colleges, as well as for autodidact entrepreneurs focusing on business, trade, medicine, and construction. Users will develop a working knowledge of the language through intensive oral and written practice, with attention to gaining professional and socio-cultural competence. The web-based textbook features texts with enhanced vocabulary glossing, cultural images, video segments, exercises for individual or in-class learning, interactive exercises for self-assessment, crossword puzzles, vocabulary, index, and appendices. Open Access.



Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar. By Ian Press, Stefan Pugh. Copyright 1999.

A complete reference guide to modern Ukrainian grammar. Features include:
* detailed tables in each chapter for easy reference
* numerous examples throughout
* thorough descriptions of all parts of speech
* list of grammatical terms in English and Ukrainian
* complete descriptions of the word-formational processes of Ukrainian
* an overview of past and present changes in the language
* bibliography of works relating to Ukrainian
* full index.


Добра форма (Dobra forma; Good Form)

A web-based overview of Ukrainian grammar with contextualized activities that enable students to internalize correct grammatical forms as they focus on the communication of meaning. The web-based modules of Dobra forma utilize the 1,500 most common vocabulary items and include computer-graded activities, making them easy to incorporate into any elementary or intermediate course in Ukrainian or into an independent self-study program.

The project is directed by Dr. Oleksandra Wallo, Associate Professor of Ukrainian and faculty director of the KU Language Institute in Lviv, Ukraine.