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Granfalloon: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut

A research guide started in 2022, Vonnegut's centenary year. Work on this guide continues.

Vonnegut Playlist

Featuring music either directly inspired or by artists who were devoted fans of his work, this playlist showcases one of the many ways Kurt Vonnegut's life and writing have influenced the cultural consciousness across time. In this mix, you'll find a selection of artists from the early 70s to today, as well as representation from a variety of genres and musical movements, including early rock and roll, psychedelic pop, grunge, hardcore punk, and hip hop. While some of the highlighted songs clearly reference his life, with lyrical connections and allusions to his work, others were selected to offer an example of the style of artists who have frequently affirmed their love of Vonnegut.

Note: To enjoy the playlist in full, click on the white Spotify icon in the upper-right corner of the playlist, and press the "like" (♡) button in the application to save.

For more information about other artists with potential connections to Vonnegut, check out this directory of bands from Brian Rodriguez.


Visual Media

A selection of streaming, DVD, & VHS titles. CAS authentication is required to access streaming video.