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Granfalloon: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut

A research guide started in 2022, Vonnegut's centenary year. Work on this guide continues.

Granfalloon 2023

Granfalloon 2023 is presented concurrently with the Indiana University Writers Conference and the Bloomington Handmade Market. Events take place in venues on campus and around downtown Bloomington. The festival offers engaging creative experiences from art and theater to film, live music, crafts, writing, puppets, the Nature Tour of the Century, and more.

Many of the Granfalloon 2023 events and activities pay homage to Vonnegut’s 1986 novel Player Piano, in which Kurt grapples with big questions about evolution, environmental degradation, global economic collapse, and the many, many problems caused by big human brains. (Can you imagine living in such a world?)

About the Playlist
On the right-hand side of this page, you'll see an extensive playlist of songs from the festival, curated by the Granfalloon 2023 team. Note: To enjoy the playlist in full, click on the white Spotify icon in the upper-right corner of the playlist, and press the "like" button in the application to save.

Festival Bookshelf

This year, the festival is bringing in a variety of writers and thinkers for speaking events and other engagements. Below you'll find the books included as part of the Granfalloon Bookshelf, with links to access them via our collections.