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Asian American Artists, Architects, and Designers

This guide focuses on organizing lists and resources on selected professional Asian American artists, architects and designers who have done impactful work.


Fair Use Guidelines

Materials accessed in this guide are provided for personal and/or scholarly use. Users are responsible for obtaining any copyright permissions that may be required for their own further uses of that material. For more information about fair use please refer to the College Art Association Code of Best Practices in Fair Use in the Visual Arts.


About This Guide

This guide focuses on organizing lists and resources on selected professional Asian American artists, architects, and designers who have done impactful work.

Notably, as an identity marker "Asian American" encompasses significantly more than what's reflected on this living document, so there are many ways that this can grow. For the purposes of this guide, the Pew Research Center's publications and fact sheets on "Asian Americans" as a constructed racial and ethnic category were used as points of reference.

Guide created and augmented by a graduate assistant, Tacia J. Díaz Fonseca, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as part of the #FromMargintoCenter initiative at the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art. Edited for use by Indiana University-Bloomington by graduate assistant, Loesje Krabbe.