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Archives and Primary Sources for South Asian Studies

This guide describes how to conduct archival work, and how to find archival resources for South Asian Studies. It includes lists of relevant archives, both in South Asia and elsewhere, and provides access to digital archival sources where available.


The links below lead to information about how to find, evaluate, and learn more about the content of archives. They also describe how to arrange to work in an archive, and how to conduct that work.

Other tabs along the left: For links under "Online IU Libraries Databases" and "Newspapers", you must use an IU login. All other tabs and links are openly available on the internet.

Finding and Evaluating Archives

The following links include useful tools for finding archives based on geographic location, content, collection type, and more information that can help researchers assess where to find the data they need for their project.

Conducting Archival Research

The following links contain foundational background information and key tools and concepts that will be useful for those starting archival research.