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A263 Contemporary Social Issues in the African American Community - Digital Project Resources

This guide collects resources for creating digital projects that A263 will be doing as part of the ALA Civic Imagination Stations Grant to Dr. Maria Hamilton Abegunde, and IU Libraries.

Organizing your Digital Project

This guide provides resources for working on your digital project.  As you know, this class is part of the ALA Civic Imagination Stations project which gives you the opportunity to share your project to serve as an educational resource for the wider community.

It's very important to organize your project. Remember that you are submitting a project that is contextualized by what you have learned in this course about how water affects communities globally, across the African Diaspora, and in African American communities.

The Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities makes these recommendations and also provides this charter to help you organize your work 

Process Overview for digital presentation + publishing

Although similar to writing an essay or article, following these steps makes it easier to represent your research and your sources in a digital environment.

Gather your sources. Identify photos, videos, sound clips that you would like to include on your website. Make sure that you have the rights to copy or link to them on your site and create a bibliography. 

Write in sections. These pieces can be centered around an object, or theme. They can vary in length from a paragraph to a blog post to a page that is part of a larger section of the site. You can write drafts in your web content management system, so long as there's a way for you to return to an earlier version. Alternatively, you can write sections in Google Docs, Word, or Pages that you can cut-and-paste into your WCMS.  

Bring those sections together. Create a page that offers an overview of your website's content. Add images and video through your WCMS's editorial tools. 

Polish. Play with the flow of your argument by changing the order of your sections, constructing multiple paths through the material, or changing the layout of your images. 

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