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Indigenous Art & Architecture

A guide meant to augment research into Indigenous artists and architects across the world, with a specific focus on the United States and Canada.

Kent Monkman

Cree Multi-disciplinary Artist 

Monkman's painting "Resurgence of the People." Numerous people frantically on a small boat, with a tall figure holding a feather and wearing a red piece of cloth. Guards with guns can be seen in the background on top of rocks.

Kent Monkman, Resurgence of the People. 2019. Acrylic on canvas. 132 x 264 inches. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Cowichan and Syilx Painter

Horace Poolaw

Kiowa Photographer

Poolaw's photograph of his kids "Corky" and Linda Poolaw. They are dressed up as cowboys and holding toy guns, while standing in front of some trees.

Horace Poolaw. Robert "Corky" and Linda Poolaw (Kiowa/Delaware), dressed up and posed for the photo by their father, Horace. Anadarko, Oklahoma, ca. 1947. (45HPF57) © 2014 Estate of Horace Poolaw. 

Jaune Quick-to-see Smith

Salish Painter

Wendy Red Star

Apsáalooke Multimedia Artist 

Wendy Red Star's piece "Four Seasons: Spring, 2006." A woman dressed in regalia, sitting on the ground in front of a backdrop picturing mountains and trees. A fake deer and wolf are standing on either side of the woman.

Wendy Red Star. Four Seasons: Spring, 2006. Archival pigment print on Sunset Fiber rag. 21 x 24 inches.

Fritz Scholder

Luiseño Painter and Sculptor

Scholder's "American Portrait with Flag." Portrait of man with a feather in his hair and an American flag draped over half of his body.

Fritz Scholder, American Portrait with Flag, 1979. Oil paint on canvas; 40 x 35 in. Courtesy of American Museum of Western Art. The Anschutz Collection. Photo courtesy William J. O’Connor. © Estate of Fritz Scholder. 

Rose B. Simpson

Santa Clara Pueblo Multi-disciplinary Artist 

Simpson's piece "Maria." A black car with a black pattern in front of stormy skies.

Rose B. Simpson. Maria, 2014. 1985 Chevy El  Camino. Bodywork and customization by artist. Designs inspired by traditional Tewa black on black pottery, named after Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo. 

Preston Singletary

Tlingit Glass Artist

Singletary's "Salmon (Xáat)". A blue and silver glass sculpture of a fish.

Preston Singletary. Salmon (Xáat), 2018. Blown, hot-sculpted, and sand-carved glass; steel stand. Courtesy of the artist.  

Matika Wilbur

Swinomish and Tulalip Photographer

Wilbur's photography "Rosebud quintana, Northern Ute and Dine." A woman dressed in full regalia holding a large feather, standing in a field in front of mountains.

Matika Wilbur. Rosebud Quintana, Northern Ute and Dine

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas