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Indigenous Art & Architecture

A guide meant to augment research into Indigenous artists and architects across the world, with a specific focus on the United States and Canada.

Arthur Amiotte (Good Eagle Center)

Ogala Lakota Painter, Collage Artist, Educator, and Artist.

Arthur Amiotte's collage "Wounded Knee #III." Features cutouts of notable leaders connected to the Wounded Knee massacre such as Standing Bear Bear, newspaper clippings, and images of the American military leaders who carried out the massacre.

Arthur Amiotte, Wounded Knee #III, 2001. Ink and paper on canvas. 36 × 48 in. Lent by the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago; Gift of Robert and Miranda Donnelley (2013.30). 

T.C Cannon

Kiowa and Caddo Painter

T.C Cannon's painting "His Hair Flows like a River." A portrait of a man wearing a fur pelt and face paint. Over a purple and green background.

T. C. Cannon (1946–1978, Caddo/Kiowa), His Hair Flows Like a River, 1973-77. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Anne Aberbach and Family, Paradise Valley, Arizona. © 2017 Estate of T. C. Cannon. Photo by Thosh Collins. 

Robert Davidson

Haida Carver, Printmaker, Painter, Jeweler.

Davidson's "Sea Monster." A drum painted green, black, red, and white,  made to look like a sea monster.

















Robert Davidson. Sea Monster. 2000. Acrylic Paint on Deer Hide. 26 inches. 

Jim Denomie

Ojibwe Painter

Anita Fields

Osage and Muscogee Ceramic and Textile Artist

Harry Fonseca

Nisenan Maidu and Hawaiian Painter

Harry Fonseca's painting "Fire." A grey coyote wearing a suit and playing a piano covered in flames. All over a blue background.

Harry Fonseca, Fire. Acrylic on canvas. 60 x 70 in. 1988. Heard Museum. 

Nicholas Galanin

Tlingit and Unangax̂ Multi-Disciplinary Artist 

Nicholas Galanin's "Never Forget." A large installation with words "Indian Land" similar to the Hollywood Sign, in front of mountains.

Nicholas Galanin. Never Forget. Iron, Paint, Steel. 2021. 59’4’’ x 360’7’’.

Jeffrey Gibson

Cherokee and Choctaw Painter and Sculptor

Gibson's "YOU'LL BE GIVEN LOVE." The words "You'll Be Given Love You Just Have to Trust It" written with beads over a beaded rectangle with multicolored fringe hanging from the background.

Jeffrey Gibson. YOU’LL BE GIVEN LOVE. 2020. Repurposed trading post weaving, acrylic felt, nylon thread, artificial sinew, glass beads, plastic beads, nylon fringe, cotton canvas. 47 x 48 x 3in. Roberts Projects Gallery. 

Lucy M. Lewis

Acoma Pueblo Potter

Clay jar made by Lucy M. Lewis. Painted black and white with an image of a Kokopelli Figure.

Lucy M. Lewis, 1898–1992. Keres, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. Black-on-white Jar with Kokopelli Figure. 20th century. Earthenware. Gift of Shozo Sato and Mrs. Alice Ogura Sato for the late Dr. George I. Ogura. 2020-8-13. 

Kiowa Six

A group of six Kiowa painters from Oklahoma (previously known as the Kiowa Five).