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Image Resources

This guide contains image resources available through IU Libraries (both campus specific and university-wide) as well as information about open access images.

Illustrations from IUB Libraries Databases





Citation for Images (left to right)

Author: Zakariya ibn Muhammad Qazwini (ca. 1203-1283), Scribe: Muhammad ibn Muhammad Shakir Ruzmah-'i Nathani. (1121 AH/AD 1717 (Ottoman)). Illustration: Lyre and Cygnus, Leaf from Turkish Version of the Wonders of Creation, Text Title: Tercüme-yi 'Aca'ib ül-mahlukat. [illuminated manuscripts; folios (leaves)]. Retrieved from

Jean Baptiste Oudry, French; 1686-1755. (1732 wkg inscr (artist)). Sheep in the Field ("Rien de trop I") Final Published Work: Fable CIXXX, Jean de la Fontaine, Fables Choisies, Paris, 1755-59, Illustrations for La Fontaine's Fable 'Rien de Trop' I, Rien de Trop (illustration of La Fontaine's fable CLXXX Sheep in the Field. [Drawings and Watercolors, pen and ink, Drawing, Prints and Drawings]. Retrieved from

Austen, John. Periodical Illustration, ''The illustrations on This Page Are by John Austen and Are From an Edition of 'Hamlet' Published by E.P. Dutton & Co.. [Magazine tearsheet]. Retrieved from

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