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Fashion and Ethics

This guide provides an introduction to fashion and ethics, providing a wide array of resources (articles to podcasts), and a select group of case studies at the intersection of fashion and ethics.


Who Made My Clothes?

"Have you ever wondered who made my clothes? Or considered what life is like for the people who stitch our garments, what sort of conditions they might be working in, and how much they’re paid? In this debut 3-part series of the Fashion Revolution Podcast, we will be exploring these importance questions and discuss the findings of the Garment Worker Diaries project. We will hear about the difficult living and working conditions of garment workers across the world, and explore the ways we can work together to change things for the better."

Listen to more episodes on the website, Fashion Revolution.

The Root

A five-part podcast series co-produced by Dominique Drakeford of Melanin & Sustainable Style and Kestrel Jenkins of Conscious Chatter, The Root equitably centers the voices, knowledge and labor of Black and Brown Indigenous People Of Color. Showcasing a collection of stories that provide historical and cultural context when it comes to race relations and larger systems of inequality, and how they impact the current traditional and sustainable fashion agendas, these conversations discuss a framework for solutions within the movement. 

Listen to more episodes on the website, Conscious Chatter.

Clean Clothes Campaign

How can we better respond to COVID's immense impact on garment and sportswear factory workers? How can we better defend the rights of women workers? How will technology change our sector, and how can we prepare for this?

Spotify Playlist

This playlist of podcasts, Fashion and Ethics, acts as a starting point for future research. You may click on the different podcasts to listen and discover more relevant episodes for listening.