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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This guide provides resources at Indiana University to support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as well as search tips.

Finding Books


The Indiana University online catalog. Find books, magazines, journals, movies, sound recordings, government publications, digital collections, and more. IUCAT is a great place to look for e-books or physical copies and many can be delivered to your office if you set up office delivery. 

To find specific books on your topic, use the search box below to search the catalog in Compass.  When searching in the library catalog, use short words and phrases.  Do not type in long sentences. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase and use Boolean Operators such as AND, OR, and () to help the system search for your string more efficiently.  
Example searches:
"action research" AND education
education AND research
education AND research AND methodology
education AND (research OR study)

Can't find what you're looking for? Luckily Document Delivery Services (DDS) and Inter-Library (ILL) Loan can help! 

Articles and books from other non-IU libraries can be borrowed for free. Articles will be digitally sent as PDF files to your email and books are delivered and picked up from Wells Library. 

Need to make a request? 

  • Fill out this form to obtain an electronic copy of an article or book delivery

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