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The ORCID is an international naming standard that disambiguates you from anyone else with same or similar names while giving you control over your research identity and output, rather than leaving it to a publisher or aggregator.

It's helpful to create this sooner than later as you build your research identity.  This information will be needed for publications and grants.

More ORCID Videos are here:

^^Go to Librarian Willa Tavernier's Guide on how to set up your ORCID^^

Whereas setting up your ORCID can happen without anything to attach to it, a Google Scholar Author Page is probably best set-up once you have something to attach to it.

That said, you can create a Google Scholar profile.  Log in to Google Scholar with your account (click sign-in at top), or create an Google account associated with a different (non email address.

Fill out the info in My Profile.

AND:  go to Settings and set up your linking technology to work with IU Libraries.  Log in to Google Scholar.  Go to Settings; choose Library Links; type Indiana University; choose Bloomington.

Doing This ^^ will let you click on IU-Link from within Google Scholar results and link to the full-text.  This is particularly important if the article is behind a pay-wall and not Open Access.  Meaning: your library and your fees have paid for your access.