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SOC S410 Intergroup Conflict

Books vs Articles

Books Articles
  • usually cover a wider range of topics
  • shorter, usually focused on one aspect of a topic
  • longer time to publish (generally several years)
  • less time to publish (generally several months to 2 years)
  • found in IUCAT
  • found in OneSearch and other databases
  • used in research papers more often than books

Finding books

Use IUCAT to look for books, videos, and other materials held by the IU Libraries. 

  • Search for Subject: "social conflict" case studies (or use this subject search: "ethnic conflict" case studies)
  • Refine results by format, author, year, and subject 
  • Use filters to limit to just the Bloomington campus and electronic format. Limiting to Bloomington is important because access to electronic books is campus-specific.
  • If the book you want is not in e-book format, contact your librarian. We will purchase an e-book version if possible.

Below are some possible subject searches in IUCAT to get you started. The links will take you to results in the IU library cataloged, limited to ebooks and Bloomington.  Add keywords in the search box to zero in on  ore specific topics.

You may also browse by subject in IUCAT.