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SOC S410 Intergroup Conflict

Keep Calm and Cite Your Sources

 Quick Tips for ASA Style

This link will download a two-page guide from the American Sociological Association (ASA) on how to use the ASA style for citations and bibliographies.

Book Examples:
Bursik, Robert J., Jr. and Harold G. Grasmick. 1993. Neighborhoods
and Crime: The Dimensions of Effective Community
. New York: Lexington Books.

Hagen, John and Ruth D. Peterson, eds. 1995. Crime and
Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Jaynes, Gerald D. and Robin M. Williams, Jr. 1989. A Common
Destiny: Blacks and American Society
. Washington,
DC: National Academy Press.

Journal Article Examples:
Aseltine, Robert H., Jr. and Ronald C. Kessler. 1993. “Marital
Disruption and Depression in a Community Sample.”
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 34(3):237-51.

Kalleberg, Arne L., Barbara F. Reskin, and Ken Hudson.
2000. “Bad Jobs in America: Standard and Nonstandard
Employment Relations and Job Quality in the United
States.” American Sociological Review 65(2):256-78.

Why Cite (Humorous)