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Honors H228: Creating Archival Stories

Welcome to the course guide for Honors H228: Creating Archival Stories! This guide will help students in the course locate additional information for their archival blog assignment.

Source collections

This assignment should be fun! As a refresher, you will be researching an IU alum or former student who is included in our Indiana University War Service Register records. This was an effort by the Alumni Office in the 1920s and 1940s to gather information on all former students and alums who served in some way in a US war from 1860 through World War II. There will be alums who never replied but you will see that many (many many) did and the entirety of the collection has been digitized. 

Many of the respondents sent along photographs and these have all been pulled and digitized. In order to make your selection process a bit more manageable and because the assignment guidelines indicate you must use a specific number of images in your blog post, Professor Osgood and I have decided that you must choose as your subject a student who sent an image so that you will have someplace to begin. All of these can be found in our Photo Database. That link should take you directly to the appropriate results but if not, navigate to and do a search for C502. You'll see there are over 500 results, so plenty of options! 

Accessing Digital Collections

Indiana University War Service Register records:

To the left of the page will be a camera icon and "Items Online." If you click on "Items Online" it will show you a list of digitized files/items out of context so I recommend clicking on "Entire Document" and scroll through the folder list. Alternatively, under the "Content List" you will see the groupings (called "series") of the records. Click directly into the your appropriate series. Within the folder list, click on the camera with "View Item(s)" to display the digitized image. Need more help? Watch this helpful tutorial! 

Image of Archives Online


Where to find information

Google: Yes, your librarian is suggesting you start with Google. It's where I oftentimes begin my own searches on individuals; you never know where it is going to take you. In addition to doing a general search for the name, I also suggest searching by the name AND Indiana University, e.g. "Dina Kellams Indiana University"





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