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Diversity Resources from IU Libraries

About this Guide

Welcome to the IU Libraries Diversity LibGuide!

This guide was made as an attempt to share all of the diversity related resources the IU Libraries has to offer. As you will notice, this guide is organized by department. Under each tab on the left side of this guide, you will find specific books, journals, databases, etc. that focus on diversity in that specific area. While we hope to cover most of the resources we currently have, this guide is very much a work in progress. If you are concerned about any information on this guide or feel that we are missing an important resource, please feel free to reach out to the IU Libraries Diversity Committee at 

Using the Library

Suggested Keyword Search Terms

  1. Racism and History of Racism                          
  • Racism                                                                     
  • Discrimination 
  • Racism--United States
  • Racism--United States--History
  • Race Relations
  • United States--Race Relations 
  • Anti-Racism

          2. LGBTQ+ Research

  • Gender Identity 
  • Sexual minorities
  • Gender role identification 

          3. Indigenous Studies

  • Ethnology
  • Indigenous Peoples--Research

           4. Feminism

  • Feminism
  • Feminist Studies
  • Women--United States--Social Conditions
  • African American Women--United States--Social Conditions 
  • Feminist pedagogy

           5. Racism and Anti-Racism in Higher Education

  • Discrimination in Education
  • Racism in Education
  • Education, Racism

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