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The study of cultures, art, and people in modern and ancient times as well as the evolutionary aspects of these topics.

Best Bets for Anthropology Library Research

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When you are getting started on a research project, encyclopedias and reference handbooks give you an overview of the topic, current questions, and suggestions for further reading. Here are just a few sources I recommend. Browse IUCAT for more online anthropology encyclopedias and handbooks (all are ebooks accessible to members of the IU-Bloomington campus). 

Indiana University has been awarding M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology since 1949. 482 dissertations and counting. 

Moira Marsh (formerly Moira Smith) has been the subject librarian for Anthropology, Folklore, and Sociology at Indiana University Bloomington since 1997.

She is a folklorist specializing in humor studies.

She is a kiwi, amateur jackalope wrangler, former editor, and a former President of the Bloomington faculty.

She is a research whisperer. Her second favorite thing to do is consult with students, faculty, and researchers about their research questions, large or small.


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